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Patient Access

Prescriptions and medicine collections from Pharmacies

Q:  Who can pick up a prescription from a pharmacy?

  1. A friend, neighbour, family members and carers
  • Can pick up medications from a local Pharmacy, on behalf of someone else.
  • This includes controlled drugs (CDs) as long as the person presents a suitable form of ID.
  • ID is always required when collecting CDs from a pharmacy.
  • The Pharmacist will use their professional judgement with regards to collection of non- CDs and presentation of ID.
  • The Pharmacist will use their professional judgement on suitable forms of ID.
  • Volunteers
  • Can pick up medications from a local pharmacy, on behalf of someone else.
  • This excludes Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs (CDs). Some CDs i.e. Schedule 4 and 5 may be collected/delivered from the pharmacy by a volunteer however this is at the professional judgement of the Pharmacist.
  • Volunteers may include:
  • NHS Volunteer Responders (Royal Volunteer Service – GoodSAM App)
  • For those identified as most at risk from COVID-19, self-isolating for an extended period, and those which the local authority or health practitioners consider to be vulnerable.  
  • The following health and care professionals can refer:
    • GPs, social prescribers/practice nurses, hospital discharge team, community pharmacists, NHS 111 and ambulance trusts, community health trusts, local authorities
    • Patients may also self-refer
  • Referrals can be made via:

NHS Volunteer Responders Referrers’ Portal  

                          Or call 0808 196 3382

Q:  How can a person get an emergency supply of their regular prescription medications?

An emergency supply of a patient’s regular prescription medication may be accessed by the patient via the following routes:

1.      The person can request an emergency supply from their regular pharmacist in person. This is the pharmacy that normally supplies their regular medication.

The pharmacist will need to:

o   Interview the patient

o   Ensure the patient has been prescribed the medicine before. i.e. a regular medication

o   Can only issue a maximum of 30 days supply unless it is for insulin, ointment, cream or inhaler, oral contraceptive, antibiotic where a full supply will be provided

  • NHS 111 Emergency Supply of Medications
  • Accessed via NHS 111 by phone/online.
  • In some areas within Lewisham there is availability to access this service via NHS 111 online. Please follow this link: https://111.nhs.uk/emergency-prescription  and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Patients who request an emergency supply of medicines via NHS 111 will be referred to a local community pharmacy
  • A Pharmacist will assess the need (via telephone) and arrange a supply without prescription for the patient to collect from the pharmacy or to be delivered via a volunteer service/ friend/neighbour/pharmacy delivery if on shielded list.     

If person cannot access any of the emergency supply of medication routes described above for whatever reason.

  • They will require a prescription from a prescriber.
  • They can access the Lewisham Out of Hour’s GP service SELDOC via NHS111
  • SELDOC may prescribe what the person requires and sends the prescription to an open pharmacy in Lewisham via EPS (Electronic Prescription Service)
  • If the person is on a shielding list the pharmacy can courier the medication to the patient using the Pandemic Delivery Service.  Otherwise a volunteer/friend/neighbour/carer would need to be identified to pick up the medication.