Prescription information for patients during Covid-19 pandemic


All prescriptions will now be sent electronically (via EPS) to a pharmacy of your choice to avoid unnecessarily having to come into the surgery to collect paper prescriptions. If you usually collect your prescriptions by hand, please get in touch to provide us with your nominated pharmacy. You can also call or visit your preferred chemist and ask them to nominate you so future prescriptions can be sent there.

Repeat prescriptions may be only be issued for ONE month at a time – this is being done to ensure that community pharmacies do not run out of stock and are able to continue supplying patients with their repeat medications. Some eligible patients are being automatically put onto a ‘Repeat Dispensing’ scheme instead – you will be notified about this if it applies.


There are three ways you can order a repeat prescription:

  1. Email:
  2. Ask your pharmacy to request the prescription for you.
  3. Online: there is the facility to order repeat prescriptions online using Patient Access. If you do not have patient access you can also complete our online prescription request form. These online services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: ICO HEALTH GROUP DOES NOT ACCEPT medication requests over the phone


GP surgeries may ONLY prescribe Paracetamol where it is required for a long term condition. Otherwise, patients must buy their medication Over The Counter (OTC).

In your preparations for Coronavirus, you must seek to buy your own supply. Please avoid panic buying these medicines, in line with government advice. The General Pharmaceutical Council has announced that pharmacies can split “larger packs of paracetamol”  usually used for dispensing and sell smaller quantities to the public, to support the struggle to source the pain killer, which is used as 1st line to treat fever.


We have been made aware of some posts on social media saying that if you have a lung condition, your GP will issue a rescue pack of steroids and antibiotics. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

If you have a diagnosis of COPD, and are normally advised to have a rescue pack then it’s a good idea to check you have one. This is only recommended for some patients with COPD to be used as part of a personalised plan.

For people with asthma, we will not be providing rescue packs as standard.

If you are acutely unwell, you will need to be added to the daily triage list to speak to a clinician; otherwise medication will not be issued.

Please also only order inhalers that you are currently using and need – there has been a significant impact on the supply chain of these medicines and it is vital that they are available to those who need them. Please refer to The British Lung Foundation online to access more specific information about how to manage during the Covid-19 outbreak.


We appreciate that in these challenging times routine monitoring for those prescribed DMARDs may become difficult. On this basis a move to 3 monthly monitoring for stable patients has been considered appropriate to avoid ‘vulnerable’ patients coming in to the surgery as often for a blood test. However we urge you to please contact the surgery if you become acutely unwell during this time or develop any symptoms that could be related to Covid-19.