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London Pharmacy opening hours for Christmas and New Year 2020

Bank Holidays can affect the opening hours of local pharmacies. This document provides the opening hours for pharmacies in London which have been asked to open for longer hours on the Christmas & New Year Bank Holidays. Please note that 26th December 2020 is not a bank holiday, however there will be a large number of pharmacies who normally open who will be closed on this day.  The 28th December is a bank holiday in 2020..

There maybe additional pharmacies opening which are not listed. If the pharmacy you would like to visit is not listed here, then you can check their opening hours by searching at NHS Find a Pharmacy 

BoroughPharmacy NameAddressPostcodeTelephone NumberChristmas Day 25.12.20Boxing Day Substitute 28.12.20New Year’s Day 01.1.21
Barking & DagenhamBritannia PharmacyBarking Community Hospital, Upney Lane, BarkingIG11 9LX020 8594 268610:00-18:0011:00-15:0011:00-15:00
BarnetFairview PharmacyFinchley Memorial Hospital, Granville RoadN12 0JE020 8346 070710:00-16:0010:00-16:0010:00-16:00
Gimmack Chemist177 Cricklewood Lane, CricklewoodNW2 3HT020 8452 241810:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Greenfield Pharmacy16 Greenhill Parade, New BarnetEN5 1ES020 8449 070810:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
BexleyOrmays224 Bexley Road, ErithDA8 3HD01322 34779610:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
St Johns Pharmacy  16 High Street, SidcupDA14 6EH020 8309 168710:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
BrentJade Pharmacy  204 Ealing Road, WembleyHA0 4QG020 8902 017310:00-18:0010:00-16:0010:00-16:00
Chana ChemistWillesden Centre for Health, Robson AvenueNW10 3RY020 8459 233210:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
Churchills Pharmacy207 Kenton Road, KentonHA3 0HD020 8907 351110:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
BromleyPetts Wood Pharmacy83 Queensway, Petts Wood, OrpingtonBR5 1DQ01689 89858010:00-18:0010:00-18:0010:00-18:00
Paydens Pharmacy399-401 Croydon Road, BeckenhamBR3 3PR020 8658 739610:00-18:00CLOSEDCLOSED
CamdenPharmacy Republic100 Fleet RoadNW3 2QX020 7485 224008:00-23:0008:00-23:0008:00-23:00
Grafton Pharmacy132/132 A Tottenham Crt RdW1T 5AZ020 7383 423310:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
City of LondonThere will be a small number of pharmacies in City of London who will be open and the information for this is available at www.nhs.uk/service-search/find-a-pharmacy   
CroydonMayday Pharmacy514 London RoadCR7 7HQ020 8689 934509:00-22:0009:00-22:0009:00-22:00
Foxley Lane Pharmacy32 Foxley Lane, PurleyCR8 3EE020 8668 689110:00-18:0014:00-18:0014:00-18:00
Dougans Chemist114 Headley Drive, New Addington, CroydonCR0 0QF01689 84125110:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Larchwood Pharmacy215 Lower Addiscombe Rd, CroydonCR0 6RB020 8654 114910:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
EalingJallas Chemist313 Horn Lane, ActonW3 0BU020 8992 655810:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Remedy Chemist83 Greenford Avenue, HanwellW7 1LJ020 8567 203210:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
EnfieldHealthfare Pharmacy9 Coleman Parade, Southbury Road, EnfieldEN1 1YY020 8367 545610:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
Bees Dispensing Chemist172 Fore Street, EdmontonN18 2JB020 8807 322810:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
GreenwichDickinson Chemist  130 Westmount Road, ElthamSE9 1UT020 8850 1350CLOSED10:00-14:0010:00-14:00
P.E.Logan  209 Trafalgar Road, GreenwichSE10 9EQ020 8858 107310:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
HackneyBees Chemist199-201 Rushmore Road, Lower ClaptonE5 0HD020 8986 652310:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
Dev’s Chemist  103a Dalston Lane, DalstonE8 1NH020 7249 806010:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Hammersmith & FulhamMarcus Jones Pharmacy96 Old Oak Common Lane, East ActonW3 7DA020 8743 367410:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Fulham Pharmacy608 Fulham Road, FulhamSW6 5RP020 7736 412610:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
HaringeySomerset Gardens PharmacySomerset Gdns Fam Hth Ctr, 4 Creighton Road, TottenhamN17 8NW020 8801 353910:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
HarrowFairview Pharmacy293-295 Burnt Oak Broadway, EdgwareHA8 5ED020 8951 054210:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
Gor @ Pinn Med Centre37 Love Lane, PinnerHA5 3EE020 8866 271010:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
KL Pharmacy190 Alexandra Avenue, KentonHA2 9BN020 8422 256310:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
HaveringMim Pharmacy118 North Street, RomfordRM1 1DL01708 74334110:00-18:0011:00-15:0011:00-15:00
Hillingdon  Eastcote Pharmacy 109-111 Field End Road, EastcoteHA5 1QG020 8866 257210:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
HounslowRiverside Pharmacy1 Shrewsbury Walk, IsleworthTW7 7DE020 8560 218110:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
IslingtonWellcare Pharmacy552 Holloway RoadN7 6JP020 7263 315210:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Caledonian Pharmacy  486a Caledonian RoadN7 9RP020 7609 0798CLOSED10:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Kensington & ChelseaGolborne Pharmacy106 Golborne RoadW10 5PS020 8969 874110:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Medicine Chest  413-415 Kings RoadSW10  0LR020 7351 114210:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
KingstonPaydens PharmacySurbiton Health Centre, Ewell Road, SurbitonKT6 6EZ020 8390 960110:00-18:00CLOSED**CLOSED**
LambethVitelow Pharmacy26 Clapham Road, ClaphamSW9 0JG020 7735 273010:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
LewishamRushey Green Pharmacy  The Primary Care Centre, Hawstead Road, LondonSE6 4JH020 7138 179010:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
MertonTanna Pharmacy14 Southlodge Avenue, MithcamCR4 1LU020 8764 6107CLOSED*10:00-14:0010:00-14:00
NewhamBritannia Pharmacy10 Prince Regent Lane, PlaistowE13 8QG020 8471 314710:00-18:0011:00-15:0011:00-15:00
Salus Pharmacy42 Liberty Bridge Road, Olympic Park, StratfordE20 1AS020 8555 376708:00-14:0008:00-14:0008:00-14:00
RedbridgeEden Pharmacy79-85 Goodmayes Road, GoodmayesIG3 9UB020 8597 347710:00-18:0011:00-15:0011:00-15:00
Britannia PharmacyLoxford Polyclinic, 417 Ilford Lane, IlfordIG1 2SN020 8478 434710:00-18:0011:00-15:0011:00-15:00
RichmondK C Pharmacy23 Broad Street, TeddingtonTW11 8QZ020 8977 135110:00-18:0010:00-18:0010:00-18:00
SouthwarkJamaica Road Pharmacy182 Jamaica Road, North SouthwarkSE16 4RT020 7237 348310:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
  Vale Pharmacy104 Grove Vale, East DulwichSE22 8DR020 8299 110310:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Boots Hayes GalleriaUnit 8-11 Hays Galleria, Counter Street, North SouthwarkSE1 9HD020 7407 4276CLOSED11:00-17:0011:00-17:00
SuttonSutton & Merton Out of Hours28 The Market Wrythe Lane, CarshaltonSM5 1AG020 8644 958910:00-22:0010:00-22:0010:00-22:00
Tower HamletsGreen Light PharmacySt Andrews Health Centre, 2 Hannaford Walk, Bromley-by-BowE3 3FF020 3069 785809:00-18:3009:00-18:3009:00-18:30
Barkantine PharmacyBarkantine Primary Cc, 121 Westferry Road, MillwallE14 8JH020 7987 431310:00-18:0011:00-15:0011:00-15:00
Shantys Chemist253 Whitechapel RdE1 1DB020 7247 214010:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Waltham ForestLeyton Green Pharmacy  768 Lea Bridge Road, WalthamstowE17 9DN020 8539 598410:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Cavendish Pharmacy –281-283 Forest Road, WalthamstowE17 6HD020 8527 135810:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
WandsworthTooting Pharmacy175 Upper Tooting RoadSW17 7TJ020 8672 584310:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Barkers Chemist49 Falcon Road, BatterseaSW11 2PH020 7228 170110:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
WestminsterApek Pharmacy107 Praed StreetW2 1NT020 7724 8698CLOSED10:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Pharmacentre149 Edgware RoadW2 2HU020 7723 233609:00-Midnight09:00-Midnight09:00-Midnight

*For Merton, The Sutton & Merton Out of Hours Pharmacy is close by, but is located in Sutton

**There maybe other pharmacies open in Kingston which are not part of the commissioned rota