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“The Practice aims to provide a wide rage of high quality services based
on its patients’ needs whilst encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle”
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: From 1st December Boundfield to close Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday & Marvels Lane to close Monday & Thursday.

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“The Practice aims to provide a wide range of high quality services based on its patients’ needs whilst encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle”.

ICO Health Group is four established GP Practices operating over four sites.

Our commitment to working together will ensure a more cohesive service for all our patients.

Patients will continue to be cared for at their local sites; however they would also benefit from improved access to GPs with different areas of speciality and the sharing of services that have previously only been available at some of our sites:

“Moorside Clinic, Chinbrook Surgery, Marvels Lane Surgery & Boundfield Medical Centre”

Tel no: 020 3640 2090
Fax no: 020 3640 2091

All sites come within the NHS Lewisham area and the nearest hospital is University Hospital Lewisham



Please note that Boundfield Medical Centre will now be closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from the week beginning 1st December 2015.

All patients will still be able to have an appointment to see a doctor on these days but will need to go to Moorside Clinic, Marvels Lane Surgery or Chinbrook Surgery. 

Please be aware when requesting prescriptions that you will not be able to pick these up from Boundfield Medical Centre on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday

For any urgent prescriptions required on these days please telephone 0203 640 2090 where the receptionist will be able to help you. 

Marvels Lane Clinic
Please note that Marvels Lane Clinic will now be closed on Monday and Thursday from the week beginning 1
st December 2015. 


If you require an urgent appointment to see a doctor, please telephone 0203 640 2090. 


If you need urgent medical assistance outside normal surgery hours (ie after 6:30pm and before 8:00am), please contact the surgery on 0203 640 2090 where you will hear a recorded message advising you how to contact our Out of Hours Service, SELDOC. Please ensure you have a pen and paper to note down the number to dial.

 For all our surgery opening hourse please see here

ICO Health Group thank you for your attention.

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